Pax Machine Works, Inc.

Our History

Founded in 1948 by Oscar Pax as a small repair shop serving local customers, Pax Machine Works, Inc. is now the premier source for high-quality precision metal stampings across the globe.


To this day, it remains a family owned and operated business, dedicated to providing the highest quality parts and services for all our customers’ needs.

Pax Machine Works designs and builds all the tooling and functional gaging required to produce and measure the product provided to our customers.  Our capabilities and facilities include:

  • In-House Engineering Department for Die and Machine Design
  • In-House Tool and Die Shop for Die and Gage Fabrication
  • Full Prototype Part Design and Fabrication Department
  • In-House Die Maintenance and Repair Capabilities
  • Combination Maintenance and Fabrication Shop
  • Press Room Consisting of Minster Machine Presses with a Full Range of Tonnage Sizes
  • Secondary Department Consisting of Assembly, Tapping, Welding, Staking, Vibratory Finishing, Machining and Parts Washing Equipment
  • In-House Dimensional/Calibration Laboratory

1929 - Pax Family Farm

Our Founder's parents, Joseph and Louise Pax, purchased the Farm in 1898.

In 1929, Oscar purchased the farm, and it is on this site that Pax Machine Works is now located.


1941 - Original Workshop

In 1941 Oscar constructed a workshop behind the house. This new workshop became the original building of Pax Machine Works.


1948 - Original Pax Machine Works Facility

Pax Machine Works was officially Incorporated.


1961 - New Facility

Just a few hundred feet from the original workshop, construction began on a 7200 square foot facility. 


1967 - 1st "New" Press

A high volume job from Goodyear in the late 1960's required the purchase of an additional press. A new Straightside 100 Ton press from The Minster Machine Co. in Minster, OH was purchased. This high quality press is still in production to this day.


1976 - Expansion

Prior to the expansion in 1976, Pax Machine had expanded in 1968 (2,400 square foot), 1969 (9,600 square foot), and an office addition in 1972 (1,730 square foot).

The 1976 expansion of 12,800 square foot brought the total manufacturing space to 32,000 square foot.


1977 - Company Brochure

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1979 - Expansion

An additional 24,000 square feet of manufacturing space was added to the West side of the facility in 1979.


1992 - Expansion

Between 1979 and 1992 there were 4 expansions to bring the total manufacturing space up to 111,600 square feet.

Leading up to 1992 we were experiencing a lot of growth, and in 1992 we nearly doubled the manufacturing space with an addition of 92,000 square foot.


1998 - 50th Anniversary

1998 marked the 50th Anniversary of Pax Machine Works. 

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1999 - Expansion

Another 92,000 square foot addition was added to the North side of the facility.


2008 - Transfer Capabilities

Transfer Capabilities were added to an 800 ton press in 2008. Since then, several transfer systems have been added to new presslines.

Click on the link for an article featured in MetalForming Magazine in January 2015.


2016 - Expansion

A lot of new construction occured in 2015 and 2016 beginning with a 24,000 square foot Storage Facility for obsolete dies and equipment. This construction enabled us to better utilize the floorspace within the plant.

With an anticipated 2016 expansion, we moved our Scrap Awning from the North side of the facility to the West. This 12,880 square foot structure allowed for adequate storage for our scrap containers. The Scrap Awning was also extended North during construction of the 2016 expansion.

Then, in 2016 we added 108,540 square foot of manufacturing space and purchased our 26th Minster Press.