Pax Machine Works, Inc.

Our Facilities

Pax believes that we have a responsibility not only to our customers but also our employees and our community in which we live.  Pax provides a safe, clean working environment that is conducive for productivity and innovation.  Pax strives to remain a responsible member of the local community and actively participates in programs for the betterment of the community.

Pax Machine Works operates in a 451,000 square foot facility on a 160 acre property. Next to Pax Machine Works is our sister company, Pax Products, which operates in a 40,000 square foot facility.

From the beginning in 1948, Pax has always strived to be self sufficient in our operations and committed to protecting the surrounding environment. This is shown, in part, through the implementation of our own water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Due to our rural location, we developed our own system to handle the liquid waste stream generated in our plant. The EPA approved wastewater treatment system consists of a series of ponds that utilize aeration and bio-remediation to clean the water before it is released into nearby streams.

We also rely on rain as our industrial water source. Rain water is collected in a pond near the plant and is then pumped into the plant. After it undergoes an extensive cleaning process inside the plant, the purified water is then used as a source of  "process" water throughout our facility.

In addition to our water conservation efforts, we also store our process scrap in bins under an awning on the west side of the plant. This awning area allows us to capture and control oil that may drain from the bins from getting into the ground.