Pax Machine Works, Inc.

Tool & Die

Our highly trained and dedicated Toolmakers and Machinists translate the die design into a finished die while continually maintaining the Pax reputation for quality. In addition, personnel are provided with the precision equipment necessary to produce top quality tools.

Die makers at Pax have the added benefit of seeing the dies they have created actually run production. This exposure gives them the added dimension of seeing which approach really works best in a production environment.

From design to finished product, Pax controls every aspect of production. We design and build all the dies as well as write and implement all necessary programming to run the product. All dies built at Pax are completely detailed to provide precise information to our Die Service, Production, and Engineering Departments.

Much of the special tooling utilized in the secondary equipment is also designed and fabricated by Pax. This ensures our customers a consistent supply of assemblies with zero quality problems.

The Pax toolroom also provides for die maintenance and repair, including a thorough cleaning of the tool after each production run. This assures minimum downtime and consistent part quality. Careful consideration is given during die design and construction to provide for ease of die maintenance both in and out of the press. All die maintenance is documented at the press during production and at scheduled maintenance intervals.