Pax Machine Works, Inc.

Production Support Equipment

Five (5) Vibratory Finishers with 7 to 51 cu. ft. Capacity
Two (2) Coyote Barrel Blast Units with 1.25 cu ft. Capacity
Automated Parts Sorting Machine
Cob Drying
Two (2) Drum Washers with a 30” Diameter
Portable Belt Washer
Rotary Basketized Parts Washer
Seven “Snow” Lead Screw Tappers with Maximum Capacity up to 2.25” Diameter
Automated Tapping Cell with Parts Washer
Twenty (20) Hydraulic C-Frame Presses with 15 to 100 ton Capacity
Three (3) Multipress Hydraulic C-Frame Presses (Dual Ram) with 50 ton Capacity
100 ton PH Hydraulic Prototype Press
150 ton Dennison Hydraulic Prototype Press
300 ton Multipress Prototype Press
Two (2) CNC Lathes - One (1) with Robotic Parts Loader
Plasma Arc Cutting
Laser Cutting
Orbital Riveting Machine